What do I know?

We all think our view of “reality” is the right one. We all think that we “get it.” We like to surround our selves with mostly like-minded people – because, you know, they also “get it.” We watch TV shows and read authors that we agree with. Commentaries and shows we don’t like are  by people with an agenda or people who don’t understand reality or essentially people who don’t “get it.”

What if we’re wrong? We’re convinced that our view of reality is right. If we thought it was wrong, we’d um, probably have a different view of the world.

I’m not trying to say that all views of the world are worthless – but in a sense, as Catholics, we need to recognize how Christ is calling us to view the world. See, Christ “gets it.” More than anyone, ever – even though I tell my wife it’s all about her – it really is all about Christ.

I’m just a dude with an awesome wife, 5 kids that I love, I run (some say a lot, I say not nearly enough), I thoroughly enjoy watching baseball, and I’m trying to figure out how to keep my faith at the top of the list.  I also happen to work in youth and young adult ministry for a Church.

Honestly, I’m pretty much a fail at this. I can’t help but make my world all about me. I need to realize that I don’t “get it” – not even a little bit. And my big goal is to really make my world all about Christ.

Maybe then I’ll get it.

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