B16 explains why I baptized my kids

Pope Baptizes a Child in Sistine ChapelI read this amazing quote from Benedict XVI and had to share:

“What happens in Baptism? What do we hope for from Baptism? You have given a response on the threshold of this Chapel: We hope for eternal life for our children. This is the purpose of Baptism. But how can it be obtained? How can Baptism offer eternal life? What is eternal life?

In simpler words, we might say: we hope for a good life, the true life, for these children of ours; and also for happiness in a future that is still unknown. We are unable to guarantee this gift for the entire span of the unknown future, so we turn to the Lord to obtain this gift from him.

We can give two replies to the question, “How will this happen?”. This is the first one: through Baptism each child is inserted into a gathering of friends who never abandon him in life or in death because these companions are God’s family, which in itself bears the promise of eternity.

This group of friends, this family of God, into which the child is now admitted, will always accompany him, even on days of suffering and in life’s dark nights; it will give him consolation, comfort and light.

This companionship, this family, will give him words of eternal life, words of light in response to the great challenges of life, and will point out to him the right path to take. This group will also offer the child consolation and comfort, and God’s love when death is at hand, in the dark valley of death. It will give him friendship, it will give him life. And these totally trustworthy companions will never disappear.

No one of us knows what will happen on our planet, on our European Continent, in the next 50, 60 or 70 years. But we can be sure of one thing: God’s family will always be present and those who belong to this family will never be alone. They will always be able to fall back on the steadfast friendship of the One who is life.

And, thus, we have arrived at the second answer. This family of God, this gathering of friends is eternal, because it is communion with the One who conquered death and holds in his hand the keys of life. Belonging to this circle, to God’s family, means being in communion with Christ, who is life and gives eternal love beyond death.

And if we can say that love and truth are sources of life, are life itself — and a life without love is not life — we can say that this companionship with the One who is truly life, with the One who is the Sacrament of life, will respond to your expectation, to your hope….”
– Pope Benedict XVI ~ Homily on the baptism of the Lord 2006 ~ Sistine Chapel, Vatican

Wow.  Two thoughts: 1. I love the idea that through baptism I have given my daughters a community of friends that will be with them forever, even after I am long dead. That is awesome. No matter what happens in their lives, she will have her family, the Church.  2. Not only are Ella and Sophia now members of the family of the Church, they are now sisters of Christ, daughters of God.  They inherit the kingdom of God, and are welcomed into a deep intimate relationship with God.  Amazing.  Now all I have to do as parent is keep the Holy Spirit front and center in their lives, connect them to the life and mission of the Church, and cultivate discipleship daily.  That should be easy…eerrrr…Pray for me, I will be praying for you fellow Catholic parents too.


  1. Mrsspunkmeister · January 25, 2012

    And from a practical standpoint, even if you can’t remember the date of your child’s baptism, remember the parish. Whenever your child receives a future sacrament, the records are kept/sent back to the parish of baptism. Come wedding or ordination time, (maybe even first communion), you’ll need that info.

    • chriskmn · January 25, 2012

      Great practical advice to all you Catholic Parents out there. One of the most stressful things around here is collecting bap forms for future sacraments. I would even suggest grabbing them when you move to just bring and put on file at the new parish if you have young kids.

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