Bulldozing Lioness

Personality.  We all have it.  Some are as spicy as habanero peppers.  Others as mild as Downy softener.  Some hard as nails, others soft as clouds.  I was once told by a nun, “We can’t all be dainty flowers.  God needs His bulldozers, too.”  And, a priest informed me that I am “a lot like a lioness.”

Ah, The Far Side does it again!

If you don’t know me, ask anyone who knows me – those two statements are pretty accurate.  Or, you could just read a blog or two of mine.  I’m not exactly timid.

I am comfortable and happy with who God has made me to be thus far.  When I was young, though, I went through many years of wishing and trying to be someone else.  I was trying to come to terms with who I was and how that would work in the world.  I didn’t understand that God didn’t make me “wrong” or that I wasn’t less than other people.  Thankfully, I got over all that and am generally pleased with the outcome.

For the most part.

Being a “bulldozer” or a “lioness” (or, as some would say, a “strong personality”) is certainly useful and good.  A bulldozer is strong, can get things done, and prepares the land to be worked on.  A lioness is tough, protective and a leader.  But, when I’m not careful, my bulldozer plows through without being careful or runs over smaller things.  The lioness roars a little too loud or attacks mercilessly.

Is this really me?

It’s so great that God gave us the personalities He gave us.  We need lots of different gifts and talents and perspectives in the world in order to get things done.  But, sometimes we take for granted or misuse the goodness our personality traits.

So, the challenge is to take some time to understand ourselves, to be self-reflective.  What are the positive elements of my personality and how can I best serve my family, friends, work, Church with those gifts and talents?  What are the negative traits that I may let run wild or use as a scape-goat for my shortcomings?  How can I reign them in?

Whether you’re a lion or a lamb, a thorn or a rose, spicy or sweet, I thank God for you.  If God didn’t make all kinds of different personalities, we wouldn’t have a very interesting world, now would we?

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