Case of the Mondays

Beating the crap out of the fax machine (or maybe phone) sometimes feels like the right option...

Some days just get you.

Today is one of those days for me.  As I type, I can hear my son, who has been laid down for a nap (due to his non-stop fussiness this ENTIRE.FREAKIN’.DAY), throwing various items out of his crib and across the room.  And, I continue to type.

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing.  E-mails haven’t stopped coming in.  The list of things I need to get done this week keeps growing.  The stress of upcoming life-changes seems to be sitting directly on top of my eyebrows.  Deadlines are bearing down on me.  And, I can’t get the doggone blog homepage to look right.

“One of those days” is a pretty common phrase.  Nary a day goes by that we don’t hear someone in our life say that about their day.  One thing on top of another on top of another on top of another until we finally become barely functioning, expert procrastinators who don’t want to do anything (at least, that’s what happens to me).

I don’t believe that God makes us have bad days.  Things in life happen and some days there’s more of them happening at once than other days (ie.  it’s actually pretty rare for my son to have this type of mood all day).  I do believe, though, that how we approach all of these things makes a big difference in how we function on a day like this.

Now, being a “realist”, I’d be a complete liar if I sat here and said, “Just make yourself feel happy.  It will all be A-OKAY!”  <insert cheesy emoticon smiley face>  Maybe there are people in the world who can just turn their frown upside down and make the day sing-songy and rainbow-filled.

I’m sure you’re surprised to read that I’m not one of those people.


On the other hand, being a pain in the ass, cry-baby, complainer isn’t really going to improve the outcome of the day, either.  (Oh, wait…maybe I did that in the first few sentences of this blog…oops!)  The truth is, I can’t ignore the reality of the type of day it’s been, but allowing myself to become angry or annoyed at every little thing that happens certainly won’t help.

Yes, several things have gone wrong or been challenging today (the 15 min. car ride with a screaming child in the back wasn’t what I would call a “good time”), but I’ve tried hard not to let it overtake my attitude.  I have had moments of feeling overwhelmed and I literally cried out, “Dear Lord, have mercy!”  A prayer out of desperation, to say the least.  But, a prayer nonetheless.

And, the Lord?  Well, He HAS shown mercy.  Maybe it wasn’t in the scream-filled car ride.  But, it is now, in this moment, when the crazed one has finally calmed, the phone hasn’t run in 30 solid minutes, and I’ve been able to be alone with my thoughts and write this blog.

I guess there are days when we have to work a little harder to notice the quiet and peace-filled moments where God is patiently waiting to give us repose.

Because He is there, always, waiting to give us rest and share our burdens.  We just have to ask Him for it.

One comment

  1. Lori · April 2, 2012

    Amen! I have had many of those days in the past 20 or so years. Hope it gets better for you, i know this is a very busy week but i guess we need to remember why it is busy. 🙂 Here is to a quieter evening for you!

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