We Haven’t Forgotten You, We Promise!

Dear Loyal Readers,

Please don’t be mad at us!

Please accept our apologies for our serious lack of blog offerings over the past week.  It’s not that we don’t care to bring you spectacular Catholic insights or keep your Facebook Newsfeed, inbox, or Twitter accounts buzzing.  We do.

However, we are but four lowly youth ministers who are also all parents and spouses.  And, you may have noticed that May is a VERY BUSY time of the year.  I will not assume that this time of the year is any busier for us than it is for anyone else, but it is exceptionally busy in the world of youth ministry.  We have all been wrapped up with graduating senior events, final youth group meetings, wrapping up PSR/CCD classes, Confirmations, getting summer trips/forms/money/arrangement finalized, etc.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for not making our blog writing a priority and know that we DO love to write and will have a plethora of offerings for you, your friends, and families as we draw closer to the summer.  We thank you for your loyal readership and hope you’ll stick with us because if you’ve liked what we’ve written so far, there’s plenty more where those came from!

Have a happy end of the school year and may you not be too overwhelmed with activities, either!

-The Catholic Realists-

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