A Hidden Life

There was a time in my life when I thought I wanted to be famous.  Well, maybe not famous, but at least notable.  When we took the Meyers-Briggs personality test in high school and college, I would undoubtedly always get the “Extrovert” E.  I used to love meeting as many people as possible, being included in major events, going to parties where there would be lots of people, making an impression.

As I got older and began my career in ministry, I thought it would be great to become a public speaker.  Maybe not be on a major circuit, but at least on a minor one where I got to travel and meet lots of people and be a recognizable name.  I wanted people calling me because they were so impressed with my public speaking skills.

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Bulldozing Lioness

Personality.  We all have it.  Some are as spicy as habanero peppers.  Others as mild as Downy softener.  Some hard as nails, others soft as clouds.  I was once told by a nun, “We can’t all be dainty flowers.  God needs His bulldozers, too.”  And, a priest informed me that I am “a lot like a lioness.”

Ah, The Far Side does it again!

If you don’t know me, ask anyone who knows me – those two statements are pretty accurate.  Or, you could just read a blog or two of mine.  I’m not exactly timid.

I am comfortable and happy with who God has made me to be thus far.  When I was young, though, I went through many years of wishing and trying to be someone else.  I was trying to come to terms with who I was and how that would work in the world.  I didn’t understand that God didn’t make me “wrong” or that I wasn’t less than other people.  Thankfully, I got over all that and am generally pleased with the outcome.

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