Well so was J.C. Wow. You’re in good company.

I spent most of Thursday afternoon woodworking in my basement. Seriously.

Besides constructing some made-from-scratch coat hook racks for the laundry room, I spent the afternoon refinishing some chairs for our office space at the house.  I spent almost 3 hours sanding and priming. I honestly can’t believe I sat in one place for 3 hours doing anything, much less something so mundane.

Turns out, I loved it.

Not because I am trying to be more like J.C. (cue the Meet the Parents quote), but Owen Wilson just wants to refinish chairsbecause my focus was totally and completely centered on one thing. While I was working, all worries, concerns, and future work melted away.  I was left with the chair in front of me and piece of sand covered paper.  I instantly and clearly saw whether I was accomplishing my goal or not.  At the end of the three hours, I had two sanded and primed chairs.

I also had 180 minutes of Fr. Mike Schmitz homilies listened to.

Fr. Mike runs the Newman center at University of Minnesota Duluth.  He speaks at various youth ministry events all over the country.  And his homily caused me to weep while I distributed communion during the closing Mass of our Parish Mission last Lent.  He is a gifted speaker and all around awesome dude.  Because his homily is recorded and podcasted each week, one click and I am challenged, inspired, and moved.

Next time you have some mundane moments (driving, waiting, watching a middle school volleyball tournament) give Fr. Mike Schmitz’s homily podcast a try. It will be worth your time.