I’m a Martha and I Know It.

Poor Martha.  She always gets such a bad rap for “being worried and bothered about many things” (Lk. 10:41).  She was a doer, perhaps a slightly Type A personality (though, not all of us Marthas are actually complete Type As).

Though many people skip over it, previous verses indicate that MARTHA welcomed Him [Jesus] into her home.”  (emphasis added)  Not “Martha AND Mary welcomed Him.”  Just Martha welcomed him.  She was the hostess who was presumably doing things like making the meal, setting out the food, filling drinks, keeping up with everyone’s things, cleaning off dirty feet, etc.


We Marthas know that we are worried and bothered by many things.  We see the overflowing trash, the mess on the floor, the sink full of dishes, the dirty laundry, the toilet that needs scrubbing, the sticky fingers on kids.  We are the ones doing the majority of the chores and keeping the household in order.  We take action, get the job done, and our love language is most likely “acts of service.”

We’re also the ones who get stressed out when visitors are coming over to the house – not because we have an “image” to uphold or that we are trying so much to “impress” the guests.  But, more because we want everyone to have a pleasant experience.  We want the food to satisfy, the seats to be comfortable, the drinks to be cold, and the friends to feel at home.

But, we feel like we get a bad wrap thanks to this particular verse in Luke’s gospel. Read More

A New Tool For Self-Reflection: Your Desk

This morning I found myself highly unmotivated to get any work done.  In an effort to find some motivation (ahem…waste more time) I hopped over to one of my favorite blogs:  The Time Management Ninja.  He regularly posts insightful comments on how to better make use of time and technology to be more productive.  Of course, the irony here is the amount of time I spend (waste) reading his insights and never implementing one…

My desk - who knew it had so much to say?

I found a post from January of 2010 (told you I was wasting time) called Freeze! Nobody Move! What is on your desk?  He spends the article talking about how to reduce the clutter of your workspace (valuable, I’m sure), but as soon as I followed the directions in the title I got distracted (no surprise there!).

I realized something – the top of my desk can tell you a lot about me…about my job, my values, and how I work, but also about some things I can do to be more effective and productive. Read More