Jesus Trusts ME?!?

This morning at the Wednesday morning Mass with some of the teens from our youth group, Fr. Joy made a very interesting point in his homily.  He said that Jesus had to trust his apostles and disciples, that they would carry out the mission he had left for them.

Jesus had to trust others.  He had to trust those he was teaching and guiding.

Jesus had to trust.

Trusting is a very human thing.  It’s something that we have to constantly work on and make a concerted effort to have.  We work to have trustworthy friends and spouses.  We pray that we might be able to trust in the Lord, in His plan for our lives.  Many of us struggle with trusting due to things that have happened to us throughout our life that have broken our ability to easily trust.

And, yet, Jesus had to trust, too.  Jesus, who was God, who knew how it would all turn out, had to work on the very human act of trusting in his followers. Read More

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

I have a really good friend who, in my opinion, understands what it means to be bold.

Bold move, little fish.

My dear friend, Nicole, is a truly remarkable young Catholic.  She was raised in a Catholic household and had public schooling through college.  While she was at the university, she developed a close group of Protestant friends and found great community, spiritual growth, and accountability with them.  She attended church with them and remained connected to Christ throughout college.  (This is not an uncommon scenario for many Southern Catholics, as they are generally in the minority in their faith throughout their life.)

Though Nicole never stopped attending Mass, she came to a realization that though her Protestant friends were great and had helped her in her faith journey, what she really needed and was desiring was close CATHOLIC friends who understood her ever deepening love for the Mass and the Sacraments.

However, she found, like many young Catholics, that our parish didn’t provide a young adult community and what was available in the diocese wasn’t exactly a fit for her.  And, so she prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit on where to find community.

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