Praying Twice

I’ve always been enamored with music writers.  It’s so impressive to me how they can put into words things that are sometimes hard to express.  They have a handle on the English language and can manipulate words in surprising and insightful ways.

Then, you add to that gift a deep love of God and a desire to use those words to give Him praise, share truths of the faith, or meditate on prayer and scripture and the results can be truly incredible.

I am a big fain of praise and worship music.  I wouldn’t say I’m really a connoisseur of the Christian music scene, but I do have a few favorites.  An artist who’s high on my list is Matt Maher, a Catholic singer-songwriter who has recently broken into the Christian music market in a major way.

I celebrate Matt’s entire collection of music, but I particularly enjoy his album “Alive Again”.  There’s a great personal and spiritual journey that he took when writing this album and it is really obvious when you listen to the lyrics of his songs.  But, the depth and beauty of this album goes beyond the lyrics into the music itself.  They’re are songs that are stirring, others that are uplifting, some that are mournful, and others that bring hope.  Last night, I was listening to one of my favorite songs on the album, “Sing Over Your Children”…Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics…

Out of the depths You cry,

“Come and be satisfied!”

Father, You sing

Father, You sing

Over your children!

Let us see through Your eyes

We are your great delight.

Father, You sing

Father, You sing

Over your children!

I was singing along and suddenly, I found myself weeping uncontrollably in the car (Don’t worry…I was alone, having made a $5.00 pizza run).  In that moment, I realized how great the Father’s love is for each one of us.  The truth of Him calling to us, “Come and be satisfied!” made me weep for people and myself who try so desperately to fill themselves with worldly things that will never satisfy us.  I was pleading with the song to help me to see through HIS eyes and know that He is so delighted in us, His wonderful creations.

This mundane moment of going to pick-up dinner for my husband and me became a deeply intense time of prayer and worship.  The Lord only needed me to give Him a few minutes of my busy time and, in those 3 minutes, He happily busted in and reminded me of His immense love and He desire to be in close relationship with me.

I am so thankful that there are people in the world who can put into song prayers that are deep in my heart that I often can’t formulate on my own.  I am so grateful that the Lord gave us the wonderful gift of music and song.  If you’ve never listened to the album “Alive Again”, I definitely recommend it.  If you’ve never given modern Praise & Worship music a try, I hope you will.  I pray, too, that you will enjoy the gift of mystical moments revealed though music at unexpected times.

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