Finding God on Pinterest


Actually, I HAVE made quite a few of the recipes that I have pinned!

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I love Pinterest.  And, the fact that you know exactly what “Pinterest” is means it has become a culture and internet phenomenon.  I have to give credit to my youngest sister.  She told me about this “website that’s basically virtual bulletin boards” almost a year ago.  It wasn’t a thing then.  It was just a humble little site used to store bookmarked links.  I got a Pinterest board in the fall of last year and it has since exploded like crazy.

I know a lot of people, mostly men, I would guess, don’t get the fascination with it.  Why do people (mostly women) want to spend all day looking at recipes, art projects, home ideas/decorations, clothing, child-rearing ideas, etc.?  How could one possibly spend hours looking at and “pinning” pictures and links, 90% of which we’ll never use?

Believe it or not, as a result of using Pinterest, a few things have occurred –

*My menu of dinners and desserts have actually increased (and, I don’t hear my husband complaining about that!)
*I have tried out art projects I never would’ve attempted before…maybe they don’t all turn out great (see picture below)…but, at least I tried!
*I am, at times, motivated to actually put more effort into my appearance (let’s be honest, that doesn’t happen THAT often)
*I discover money saving ideas for cleaning, building, furnishing, etc. the house and yard…and, saving money is always a good thing!


Haven't tried this one...but, have had other project experiences similar to this...

So, naysayers, Pinterest can actually be a good thing.  Of course, it’s not good if it’s taking away from quality time with your spouse or family.  But, there are obviously worse habits a person could have than pinning constantly!

But, I digress.

Pinterest has actually gotten me thinking about the Original Creator – God the Father.  We are made in the image and likeness of Him.  And, He is first and foremost a wonderful, amazing, brilliant creator.

Thus, we, too, have within us a natural desire to make something beautiful or cook/bake something that tastes good.  We want others to appreciate the hard work we put in and comment on how good something tastes or what a lovely piece of art that was or how creative our new build is.  We want people to praise our creativity.

And, isn’t it the same with God?  Doesn’t He want us to notice the beauty of each individual person in the world (billions of unique creations)?  Wouldn’t He love it if we gave Him credit and sincere thanks for all the unique and colorful flowers, trees, animals, etc. that we experience but look past every day?

We get so caught up in “look at what I did” or “see how good I am at doing/making/building something” that we forget that even our ability and talents to complete (or, not complete) the projects and recipes that we see on Pinterest come from God and not from a website.  That even the ideas people come up with first come from God-given ability to think creatively, read, or be original.

We spend a lot of time thanking God in generalities.  But, how often do we take time to thank God for very specific things?  I’m going to try my best when I use Pinterest from now on to thank the Original Creator for making me in His image and likeness and giving me the desire to create.  Then, whether I nail the project or not, thanking Him for the abilities (or lesson in humility!) that He has given me via my “creation”.


  1. sara f · March 20, 2012

    I had to laugh seeing that picture of the melted crayon art… I did try it and mine looked like the second picture for sure! minus the duct tape… my crayons were flying all over the room when I would use the blow dryer on them.

    • RRMM · March 20, 2012

      ha ha! i had a painting on a canvas that i tried to do…with my son’s handprints and footprints…looks awful…need to paint over it!

  2. Rose · March 20, 2012

    Well, if I could do Pinterest from my iPad, I would pin it!

    • RRMM · March 20, 2012

      no kidding! it’s so annoying that you can’t pin from an iPad…but, knowing Apple, they will work it out soon…

  3. Vivian · March 20, 2012

    You” nailed it ” with this post! (and not in the crayon kinda way) 🙂 I love it!
    Also, a lot of people pin about God and I think that spreads the Love, too.

    It’s just insightful in a very simplistic way- I shall take your challenge (even though you didn’t directly pose one)

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